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In a state of being completely poor… In homes where there is poverty, there will be difficulties of getting anything – including no chance of going to school. You would be fine if some family parent decide to take only one kid to school out of four since they don’t afford to pay all of them and that kid will always get stressed (constantly) at school because since he/she couldn’t understand the condition of his/her parent. They will compare themselves to some students from a rich family, and the child at times will not perform well because they cannot get access to good books and basic requirements necessary for their studies.

Poverty can also stop you from getting proper treatment of any complication of the body, or sickness, because since you have low income, you cannot get good treatment (whereas rich people always get proper treatments).

A poor family is not always exposed to society, so getting jobs will be hard… You cannot get any opportunity of expressing your problems to the rich, since they are not of your class and they don’t want to share anything with you.

There will be increase of crime rate such theft, bribery, defilement for the poor… Since it’s hard to get money for sustaining their lives they will inevitably end up committing crime. Becoming rich in an easy way or in a short period of time is what is the goal, that is why there are many criminal cases in slums or rural areas compared to “uptown”. Low income will also restrict you from getting good balance diet of foods, and clean water for domestic use.

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