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Yes, we exist in a self-interested society. Yes, it is true that the less humans you “take care” of, the less expenses you have, and the more time you have to do shit for “yourself”.

Nobody ever tells you about the loneliness; Not the general malaise of loneliness that we assume is inherent to the human condition… The added loneliness of “not giving a fuck”. The externalization of things not deemed “in your wheelhouse”. The loss of friendships, acquantance-ships, and all the other type of ‘ships lost.

We’re built for societies, it remains that we may found these societies, or persist them, in decidedly anti-social conditions. There is nothing stopping literal walls being between us and the entire existence of another group of human beings. These walls are constructed every day by governments, subdivisions, community organizations, “homeowners” organizations, sometimes even just by a single person, on their own. The more we keep others out, the more we necessarily have to fill from within. Otherwise we go searching to the remainder that we have not shut out for the humanity we crave (a need inherit to our biology).
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