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I’ve heard people say things like “You shouldn’t joke about abortion” way, way too much. This is absolute nonsense. Abortion, for many, is traumatic, a negative experience, something they wish they never had to do. For others, it’s simply an easy decision – many people take the humanist perspective that because they cannot care for a child, they would rather not have one. Adoption is a gamble, has anyone who let their child go felt secure in the child’s future? If you know you only have resources and desire for one child, why not wait to be the best parent you can be?

The theocratic position, however – like most, if not all theocratic positions on ANY subject – is comical. “Jesus loves every baby”. “It has eyes and a heartbeat”, they say, showing the cute side view of a fetus, and never the front view, which looks like a tiny demon.

“Scooby-Doo would never approve of abortions, but Shaggy might”, they say (OK, this one I made up).

Anyway, jokes can help normalize healthy conversation about a subject often on the extremes. Normalizing _talk_ of abortions is exactly what we should be doing – it’s exactly the opposite of what theocrats want. They would rather discussions of abortion be limited to these parameters:

  1. You’re going to hell for having one.
  2. You’re going to hell if you don’t condemn them in the utmostly severe terms.
  3. You’re going to hell for using a mixture of jam and vodka in your stand-up set as a prop, that was not funny, fetuses are fully formed humans with the capability to communicate with satellites in space, which is lost forever the moment a baby is birthed out of the womb.

Those seem like fair parameters, RIGHT?!?!

Yeah, anyway… Fuck Theocrats, do the opposite of what they want, 10,000% of the time.
Dorna Debauchery

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