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I’m having an intense “no will to work day” today. So I’m doing the “avoid it” thing, looking up housing situations, lying in bed, making ALL THE COFFEE!

Why do I feel this way? Probably stress about having just re-signed a lease for another year in this crap looking apartment; While at the same time suddenly being motivated to find a house to fucking buy… For the first time in my life unexpectedly wanting to take on a serious and long term (30 fucking years long) obligation. In typical “me” fashion, this all comes on at once.

It’s either everything, or nothing at all, it seems. That’s my personality. I’m sure many can relate.

I was offered a 10 percent increase on current (reasonable) house cost; Passed it up. Never thought I’d find anything good at first. I’ve googled what to do about every possible conundrum. What if the first house you look at is great, and then you close with 11 months of a lease? Well, sub-leasing is an option. It’s work, but the lease doesn’t explicitly state I can’t. It does state, however, that the rental management company can veto any attempt. I’m imagining Jay, the “rent manager” assigned to me, jumping up over a basketball hoop, and meek looking hands slapping the ball away with force. “YOU WILL RESIDE AT YOUR LEASED PROPERTY”, he screams at me, landing with furrowed brow.

Fuck it. Money is the stupidest thing that stresses us all out the most. It’s the most contrived, unpredictable, whirlwind of a fiction. This is why things like shelter, food, medical care, should be made as stressless as possible – the necessity of fucking money to accomplish any of them can drive anyone on an already stressful day off the deep end. And stress is a lever that can bend and break us. Even the most stalwart of able-bodied humans had grappled with a shelter, food, or medical care dilemma and thought the money part was a complicating matter.

I’m not saying “give everyone houses for free”. Just that maybe we should consider making the transactional processes less “market” and more “transactional”, if possible. And lowering the bars of those transactions, at the most basic, no-frills of their existences, to very low or non-existent. Imagine the stress burden saved for a neighborhood, nation, or world, collectively.

Anyway, like I was saying, Donald Trump is like a Spaghetti Squash. Think about it – seems obvious now, right?
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